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The Bristol Log Cabin the log cabin for gardens.
The Bristol is a 400x500cm Log Cabin with a 58mm wall thick Log - For full specification see below.Options

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Bristol 400 x 500

▪ wall thickness: 58 mm
▪ wall outside dimension: 400 x 500 cm (W/D)
▪ roof overhang: F = 150 cm, B = 20 cm, L/R = 30 cm
▪ sidewall height: 218 cm
▪ ridge height: 282 cm
▪ roof area: 33,00 m², slope 18 degrees
▪ wall area: 44,2 m²
▪ cubic contents: 49,5 m³
Possible options
▪ segmental-arch door: 88 x 196 cm 3/4 glazed
▪ segmental-arch window: 2x 88 x 102 cm turn cant
▪ shutters (optional)
▪ back extension 400 x 140 cm with 88 x 186 cm solid segment arched door

The Bristol log cabin is a traditional log cabin construction made with carefully selected and high quality logs, theses logs from Northern European Sustainable Forests are then machined to a very high precision for easy construction. This tongue and grooved windlock construction system helps protect your cabin from the elements as it creates a firm barrier and a higher stability.

By adding roof shingles to your cabin roof you will provide the best protection against the elements,you can choose to have rectangular or round roof felt shingles with an option of colours, the amourglass shingle which has a higher bitumen content and thicker fiberglass inserts, but for a luxury look why not add the wood effect thick layer large size felt shingle in natural shades.

A great way to harvest rainwater with your new cabin is to add gutteing and a downpipe, the downpipe can be placed into a water barrel or container collecting any rain water, this water can then be used on your garden plants

All log cabins need a solid flat foundation that is level and strong enough to with stand the weight of the cabin without any movement in the foundation base, it is very important to get the base right as your new log cabin will not sit properly on an uneven built base.

You can also customise this log cabin model to suit your personal requirements by adding different options so that you get the log cabin of your dreams.

Other Possible Options:

Fixed Georgian bars (brass) between the panes
Window Shutters
Flower boxes.
(Options available for door and window fittings)

Please Note: If you have selected not to make use of our fork lift service, you must then supply your own fork lift for the off loading of your log cabin.


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