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Car Ports

These Pavilions are elegant and very practical, these attractive buildings are highly stable and have impregnated floor joists to protect them from rot and decay.

Assembling these Pavilions is extremely simple, as they have prefabricated floor and wall panels.

Our Pavilions can be factory painted inside and out if required as an optional extra.

Carport-1carport 1
Carport-2carport 2
Carport-3carport 3
Carport-4carport 4
Carport-5carport 5
Carport-6carport 6
Carport-7carport 7
Carport-8carport 8
Carport-9carport 9
Carport-10carport 10
Carport-111carport 11
Carport-112carport 12