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All our gazebo wall, roof and floor sections are accurately prefabricated and come with detailed assembly instructions.

Other bespoke models are also available, please inquire.

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At  logcabins -UK  a garden Gazebo provides a peaceful and enjoyable place to relax, read or enjoy the company of friends and family. Why not go “Al Fresco” and enjoy meals in your garden.


A Gazebo is a somewhat generic design name that includes pavilions, kiosks, pergolas and some follies. The word 'Gazebo' is of English origin coming from "to gaze" or look about. Although you do now see the word gazebo widely used in Italian gardening magazines. It is also found in early Chinese and Persian Literature. Originally the structure would be self supporting with no walls so that one could enjoy a complete view of one’s surroundings. Modern technology and new futuristic designs now include some of the perimeter with a wall or half wall.

Some of the early English examples of these structures can be found at the garden houses at Montacute House, Somerset and Elton on the Hill, Nottinghamshire dating back to early Victorian times.   

They are very versatile and can be used for a variety of outdoor entertainment purposes. The logcabin uk range offers an exquisite selection that will harmonise with nearly every garden.


There is a choice of different colours sizes and styles.

There are also different roof coverings available to include Roofing Felt, Tiles or Shingles. Such versatility with different patterns and colours on the roofing area transforms the Gazebo into a very attractive unique centre-piece for any garden.


The very best quality materials have been used in the manufacturing process  by the most experienced of craftsmen. Full instructions on how to assemble your Gazebo are included and, with a little DIY knowledge, such an installation is very easy to carry out. If, however, you would prefer someone else do carry out the assembly for you then why not contact Roy Hardiment and the assembly team for a quotation.


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