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Have you thought about a garage made from wood?

Is it is a log garage you are looking for or are you looking for additional rooms to the house, everything we offer can be made individually to fit your needs and will fit nicely into your garden.

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Log Garages

There are so many advantages of having a Logcabins uk Log Garage compared with the traditional bricks and mortar type garage.

Take a look at the various advantages clearly defined below:-


1)    Condensation

One of the inherent problems associated with many traditional garages

Is the nuisance factor of condensation. Many of the brick and mortar type garages after a while build up a level of condensation inside the roof area. To overcome this manufacturers include, or recommend a special condenser membrane to help prevent this from happening.

This, in itself, adds to the overall cost of the garage and if you are considering building a garage yourself out of bricks and mortar you would be well advised to include this important part of the construction.

If you are to house your prized vehicle to be kept in pristine condition then all these factors would have to be taken into consideration.

A Logcabin uk Log Garage, on the other hand, because the outer walls are constructed of thick log walls, that act as good insulation from the outside elements, condensation is minimised because there is no sudden temperature shock causing moisture in the air to condense.

The ceiling is also made from tongue and groove pine boards as are the roofing boards above. You therefore have a completely protective natural wood surround providing your vehicle with the protection it deserves.



2)    Speed

Let us assume that your garage foundation is laid ready for the bricklaying to take place. In terms of speed, unless you are a supersonic bricklayer with the ability to lay a row of bricks along a side wall of some 5-6m compared with one single interlocked outer log wall section that can be up to 6m long in one section, there is no contest.

A Log Cabin garage made of pre-cut interlocked outer wall logs can be built in an absolute fraction of the time taken to build a bricks and mortar garage. Furthermore, consider the continuity. These log walls have been accurately milled to ensure that every section is precisely the same size and configuration. Once assembled you have a very professional finish every time.



3)    Waste & Mess

Cement, bricks, sand, water are all the basic ingredients of a brick built garage. Cement needs to be of the correct consistency and be mixed.

However clean and tidy you may be, there is a fair amount of cleaning up to do besides the clearance of waste and mess that has built up as one progresses with such a building.

A logcabins uk Log Garage has no mess, nothing to throw away. Every part and every section is labelled up and accounted for. You just put together what has been delivered. No waste material other than the outer packaging. It’s that simple.



4)    Eco Friendly

The present attitude towards the environment by public authorities is to preserve the natural pleasant ambience and surroundings. Any such building needs to conform to planning authorities regulations that does include the element of eco-friendliness. A logcabins uk Log Garage being made of a natural product is by nature eco friendly. It’s no wonder that there is a preference for such superb buildings to be accepted within the environment.



5)    Dampness

A standard brick has the capability of absorbing half a litre of water.

Brick built buildings have damp courses to prevent the dampness that rises through the brickwork because of this problematic fact. The line of bricks below the brickwork, however, are always going to be showing dampness and only dries out by natural warmth and wind from the outside elements.

A Logcabins Uk Log Cabin Garage by nature, is made of slow grown solid pine logs that have been forested at an age in excess of 60 years that makes them dense and, as a result of the environment in which they grow, they are rich in tannin. They are then kiln dried in the factory and brought to a stable moisture content of around 14% and kept like that under strict quality control conditions. As soon as they are delivered and erected we recommend the use of a good microporous protective coating that renders them waterproof. No such thing as rising damp. No need for a damp course. No more problems for your vehicle.



6)    Price

Cost is always a very important factor when considering making such a purchase. We just say “Like for like” in terms of size and quality, taking into consideration the above mentioned factors Log cabin garages are far more economical long term and lower in price.

If you have your Garage built by a bricklayer and compare the labour costs of that activity compared with our assembly team assembling a Log Cabin Garage for you. Once again – No contest !

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