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Terms and Conditions

 By purchasing from Barretts Leisure Ltd.  it is assumed that the you agree to all terms and conditions. If you do not agree, please contact us in writing before deliver is made or collection of the products to cancel your order for a full refund.

If you disagree after delivery or collection there may be a deduction to cover incurred expenses.

  1. Planning and Building Regulations (If required)

1. a. If you are in any doubt if you need planning permission or building regulations for your proposed building, we advise you to call your local office to ask for advice BEFORE ordering the building,

1. b. The buyer undertakes to make sure that the products comply with all building provisions, regulations, environment and weather conditions and recommendations in force or customary in the destination country. The buyer undertakes to obtain at its own cost UK structural calculations and all permissions and licenses needed for importing, storing and building the log cabin kit.

 1. c.  Meeting any required building regulations is the responsibility of the builder and the customer/landowner, not Barretts Leisure Ltd, the log cabins shown on this website are not intended to be used where building regulations are required unless they are modified accordingly

By purchasing the buildings on this website or direct from Barretts Leisure Ltd. you the customer agrees with all of the following:

 The building must not be used for sleeping accommodation, unless suitably converted for this purpose and planning consent has been obtained.

IF any building is over 15 square metres in internal floor space it will need to be positioned 1m away from any boundary, otherwise you will need to speak with your Local Authority Building Control before making a purchase, as you will have to comply with the UK fire proofing regulations.

 IF the building is over 30 square metres in internal floor space, you will be required to obtain building regulations.

 If you intend to modify the building to meet building regulations, you need to understand that these modifications may invalidate any guarantees in the building. It is always best to have the factory carry out any modifications in compliance and co-operation with your architect or building control officer.

 2.         Delivery

2.a      All our deliveries are Kerbside Delivery only. Under certain circumstances the delivery driver will be able to place the packages inside you premises, otherwise it is your responsibility to carry the contents into the property, please enquire when ordering.

2.b     It is sometimes difficult to give an exact time of delivery, so someone in authority  will need to be available all day on the day of delivery and be capable of assisting the driver in the offloading unless other arrangements have been made.

You must advise us if access is likely to be difficult.

Some deliveries will be made with an articulated lorry with a Moffit type fork lift truck carried on the lorry, others will be made on a flatbed truck, especially where access is difficult, in this case the person accepting the delivery may be required to assist the driver to unload and will need to be capable of lifting heavy items of up to 25kg.

In the event that when the delivery vehicle arrives, and no one is in attendance to let the driver in or accept the goods or vehicles or other obstructions no matter what prevents the driver from delivering the building  the goods will be returned to our premises and an attempted delivery charge will apply.

2. c.    Either our office or the delivery contractor will make the delivery arrangements with you.

2. d.  No good will be delivered through the house /bungalow or any other building, there MUST be suitable access around the property or a rear access point.

In the unlikely event that the delivery is delayed, we will contact you to reorganise your delivery date.

2. e.     Delivery Lead time

Approximately 6-8 weeks for Garden cabins from receipt of order and deposit.

Approximately 8- 10 weeks for Residential cabins from receipt of order and cleared deposit.

3.      Damage

   3. a.  Any damaged or broken parts must be clearly noted on the delivery note, and a photo taken of the damage and emailed to our office.

In the unlikely event that any glass is broken on delivery then it is likely to be quicker to get it cut locally and we will refund you according to the unit that is broken or alternatively please return the door or window with the driver, although this could delay you being able to erect your building as the new one will have to be sent from the factory which is usually in another country.

4.      Missing Items

4.a.    If you find any items are missing at the time of delivery this must be noted on the delivery note, or if you find items are missing when you come to erect the building please inform the office A.S.A.P.

It is always best to check the parts over thoroughly BEFORE attempting to start erection, as if in the unlikely event there are any parts missing you will have a building part built and may have to wait for the part to be delivered by carrier from the manufacturer.

4.b.    Our log cabins come wrapped in protective packaging for transporting from the manufacturer, this should be left on the packages if possible until you are ready to start erection or in the case of a kerbside delivery where you have to carry the parts into your garden, it is essential you take the packaging off carefully as you will need it to cover the timber again, it is essential to keep the timber dry until you have erected the building.

5.    Timber Treatment

5.a.  We recommend using an oil based timber preservative to treat your building, as these have a longer life span than water or spirit based preservatives.

Please click here to view such products.

 6.     Payment

6. a.   A deposit of 50% will be required with the order, the balance to be payed prior to delivery, if you pay by cheque,  Bankers Draft or Printed Building Society Cheques you must allow at least 10 working days for the cheque to be cleared at the bank before delivery can take place

6. b.     If you intend to collect you can pay in either cash or credit/debit card when you collect.

 7.      Your Right to Cancel: (Selling at a Distance)

7. a.      Unless you the customer has visited our show site, or have ordered by telephone, mail order or on-line, you have the right to cancel any order, excluding bespoke or one off items made to order. The cancellation period expires after 14 days from the date on which you acquired physical possession of the goods.

7. b.     Notification of cancellation must be made in writing, either by post to Barretts Leisure Ltd. 347 Leverington Common, Leverington, Wisbech, Cambs. PE13 5JR or email to barrettsleisure@gmail.com

7. c.    The goods purchased must be returned not later than 14 days after the day on which you made the cancellation.

7. d.    The goods must be returned in their original condition as they were at the time of delivery. If you wish to return your order you must take care to protect the goods against water and all timbers should be stored in a flat, level position so as to prevent warping.

7. e.      We will inspect the returned goods on arrival at our depot and a refund will be made within 14 days after the goods have been returned so long as they are in the condition they were sent and have not been erected or damages in any way.

7. f.      We may not be able to offer full refunds as they may be subject to a deduction up to the contract price to cover any reasonable costs incurred by Barretts Leisure Ltd., examples of this would be if we attempted delivery but could not do so because of the fault of you the customer, or the goods have had timber treatment applied by you the customer or your agent, or are weathered or damaged.

7. g.    If you the customer cancel any goods after delivery, then you the customer will be required to make suitable arrangements to return the goods at you the customer’s own cost and risk. It is recommended that you insure the good while they are in transit back to our depot.

8.       Rectification of any Defects

8. a.    We will supply you with goods that are in keeping with the contract between you the customer and Barretts Leisure Ltd. If any defect occurs within a reasonable period after delivery you should contact us either in writing by post to Barretts Leisure Ltd. 347 Leverington Common, Leverington, Wisbech, Cambs. PE13 5JR or email to barrettsleisure@gmail.com  

8. b.    Please note timber products are classed as organic and any problems that occur due to the natural properties of the timbers or other organic materials are not classed as defects. This includes swelling, warping or cracking of the timber, this list is not classed as being exhaustive.

8. c.     It is always best to take clear photos to illustrate the defect and its cause, so as to enable us to determine the best way to rectify the fault.

8. d.      If the defects deemed to be the fault of the manufacturer then you the customer must give the manufacturer time to come up with a suitable remedy which may include replacement, repair or partial refund.

8. e.    If the defect is you the customer’s fault for any reason through poor maintenance. or an unsuitable base, or the use of defective materials supplied by you the customer or your agent or the building has been erected wrongly by you the customer or your agent, this will be classed as misuse of the product and any rectification will be chargeable to you the customer.

We will expect to be given a reasonable chance and time to rectify the fault, if you choose to rectify it yourself or with the assistance of an agent then we will not be responsible for the work carried out or be liable to reimburse you.

9.        Contact Us

9. a.        If you need to contact us, before the delivery date or to enquire about the delivery please either call us on 01945 410 361 or write to us by post at:

Barretts Leisure Ltd. 347 Leverington Common, Leverington, Wisbech, Cambs. PE13 5JR

or email to barrettsleisure@gmail.com

10.       Erection

10. a.  All our log cabin products are designed for competent D.I.Y installation. Drawings and installation plans are provided.

10. b. If you don’t want to erect your log cabin yourself we can suggest erectors who will contract to do it for you, all you will need to do it to provide a suitable concrete or slab base, some of these erectors will also contract to lay the base for you if required.

 Please NOTE these subcontractors are not part of Barretts Leisure Ltd. who will take no responsibility whatsoever for the conduct or workmanship of these contractors, who will be employed directly and paid by you the customer.

11.      Timber Characteristics

11. a. Timber is a natural and organic material.

Although we deal with some of the best and most experienced manufacturers, who only use the best grades of timber for their log cabin production, even with the best will in the world there is always the possibility that some cracking and other forms of movement will occur, along with the natural swelling and shrinkage due to weather condition, these are classed as being natural causes and are beyond either Barretts Leisure Ltd or the manufacturers control and are not included in any guarantees given and are not a good reason to claim for repairs, replacements or refunds.

12.       Buildings for Residential Use

12. a. These log cabins are designed for external garden use and not as residential buildings. If you want to use a log cabin building for residential use you would be better off buying a structure that has been designed and built specially for this use and will pass UK planning and building regulations without having to be adapted.

Please click here to view such buildings;

13.      Measurements and Sizes

13. a.    Measurements and sizes shown on our website or in brochures etc. are nominal sizes and not necessarily suitable to construct a base too, the final building measurements and sizes will be provided in the construction drawings and plans that come with the building.

If however you want sight of these prior to delivery so you can get your base laid in advance of delivery please call us on 01945 410 361.

14.      Changes in Products

14. a . We reserve the right to alter and change products advertised on our website or in brochures and literature to improve the product, these changes may be only minor alterations, although if there are any major changes we will inform you at the time of ordering.